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Gracias a los señores de Milkncookies por su visita a la UVG a la clase de innovación de tecnología y su recomendación de este sitio:

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Favor ver enlace para mostrar el ganador de Guatemala a nivel internacional, Mini-mundi de Milkncookies:

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Media Release

Guatemala announces 2011 winners of the UN based World Summit Award (WSA)

Guatemala, June 17th, 2011

As part of the UN activities following the World Summit on the Information society, the WSA recognizes the outstanding achievements of content designers  and application producers in eight categories. It started in 2003 and will  continue until the UN review in 2015.

In Guatemala, the contest takes place every two years and has had several several winners. This year.  we are proud to annonce a winner in the e-entertainment category: MilknCookies  with Mini-mundi (, a “tamagotchi” online game that is currently being used worldwide as part of the environmental education agendas in schools all over the world.

The announcement was made as a part of a worldwide  FWAwebTV  live broadcast at where  24/7, back to back live shows from over 80 of the world’s leading agencies from over 28 countries are transmitting live video streams. As part of FWAwebTV, MILKnCOOKIES  broadcasted live to the world on Friday june 17th June at 4pm Guatemala time (CST) – 10pm (GMT).

The event took place in Campus Tecnologico  (Campus Tec),  an international complex for innovation located in Guatemala, Central America where Milkncookies and the Guatemala WSA headquarters are located.

This is the first technology park in the region and it is considered to be the “Silicon Valley” of Guatemala in the center of the city in zone 4 in area known as “Cuatro Grados Norte”. It currently includes over 100  high-tech local companies that mostly have been doing business overseas mainly in the United States, Europe and other countries in Latin America.

Winners will present their outstanding products and projects, network with business partners and meet other experts in the field of ICT at the WSA 2011 Winners Events inEgypt, later this year.

For further information, go to for the Guatemala WSA site.


                                                           c/o ICNM –InternationalCenterfor New Media

Moosstrasse 43a | 5020Salzburg|Austria

+43-662-630408 |

El 17 de junio a las 4 pm de Guatemala se iniciará un programa de transmisiones (streaming) para dar a conocer las actividades de una de las empresas del Campus Tec, Milkncookies.

Este día se transmitirá el anuncio del premio de e-entretenimiento que han recibido del WSA 2011 de Naciones Unidas, por lo que están cordialmente invitados a sintonizarlos.

Mayor información:

TODAY, FWAwebTV is going live at

Get ready for 24/7, back to back live shows from over 80 of the world’s leading agencies from over 28 countries! These are live video streams. Every hour the stream changes to a new location somewhere in the world…

As part of FWAwebTV, MILKnCOOKIES will be broadcasting live to the world on Friday 10 June at 4pm Guatemala time (CST) – 10pm (GMT)! and then weekly at the same time 😉

Stay tuned to our twitter stream for further info: @MILKnCOOKIEStv /



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