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#spaceapps #covid-19 Challenge 2020 – Virtual Bootcamp

Posted on: mayo 29, 2020

#spaceapps #covid-19 Challenge 2020 – Virtual Bootcamp

Learn from NASA and partner space agency colleagues, Space Apps Ambassadors, Local Leads and other subject-matter experts about various COVID-19 challenges, tools, and resources as part of the first-ever Space Apps Virtual Bootcamp!


Beginning May 23, the Bootcamp will be available on the Space Apps website at


New videos from the Space Apps community will be regularly shared leading up to the hackathon. Please come back to learn something new as you prepare for the COVID-19 Challenge. Additional videos may be added as the week progresses.


All these videos can also be found on our Space Apps Challenge YouTube Channel.


Videos in bold have been newly added or updated.


Saturday, May 23


Sunday, May 24


Tuesday, May 26


Wednesday, May 27






Thursday, May 28








Friday, May 29








Click here to find your current time in UTC.

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