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#Free Mentorship #Workshorp for Entrepreneur Programs in #Guatemala next week – @RockstarYouth @senacytgt

Posted on: agosto 27, 2014

A message from our guest speaker:

Hi all,

 Greetings from the UK.. I am really looking forward to coming back to Guatemala and meeting you all; I have already such a love for the place and know that there is a huge opportunity for innovation and growth within Central/Latin America – particularly Guatemala.

 I would really appreciate it if you can join me on 4th September at Tikal Futura for a workshop and seminar that I am hosting on Mentoring; in the UK I work with the UK government on helping start up businesses and provide mentoring and Rockstar Mentoring is the UK’s  number 1 organisation for business mentoring, start up and growth.

 In this session we will be going through the following:

  • The Power of Mentoring – a short story into the value of mentoring
  • How mentoring works and the processes – looking at what a successful mentoring process is delivered
  • Traits of good mentors – building the right skills and attributes towards successful mentoring
  • Best practice in mentorship – putting together the approaches and factors
  • How to build a community of mentees – looking at the multiplying effect of mentorship.

 I would be a privilege and honour to work with you all in Guatemala during the CTI event – I hope to see you there.

 Best wishes – Ketan

Our guest speaker:

Ketan Makwana

Head of Operations

Web: Rockstar Youth

Twitter: @RockstarYouth

For more information about the workshop, please visit:



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